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244 pages. Colour
Texts: Vicent Molins, Ramon Marrades
Photography: Eva Máñez
Design: Vicent Carbonell

The New Guide to València is the
selection of twenty locals who are
highly committed and generate value.
This they do through 60 spaces
and uses that combine daily on the
board that are the city’s squares and


  • Vicent Molins is a communicator that co-manages the agency ‘Abasedebë’. He is a regular contributor to ‘Valencia Plaza’, ‘Las Provincias’, ‘Lletraferit’ or Cadena SER. Molins also works with La Rambleta, and is a founding member of ‘València Vibrant’ and the artistic project ‘Qui És Qui’.

    Ramón Marrades is an urban economist, researcher in ‘Econcult’, the Cultural Economics Research Unit of the
    University of Valencia, and afounding member of the ‘La Ciutat Construïda’, of ‘Urbego’, an international platform for young planning professionals, and of the citizens’ initiative ‘València Vibrant’.

    Eva Máñez is a Valencian photojournalist and regular contributor to ‘Valencia Plaza’, ‘El Temps’ or ‘20 minutos’. Máñez also manages FotoAgencia Valencia and is involved in ‘Qui És Qui’, ‘Dones Objectives’, ‘Intramurs’, and other cultural projects in Valencia
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